“Forget the “trendy” zip code, this “true relic” of the “old Meatpacking District” has held steady with “first-rate” steaks since “forever” (actually 1868), with “historic” chophouse decor “as evidence”; “pro” service is a given, while portions sized “to feed a family of six” help make the “high-roller” prices “worth it.” – Zagat

“For sheer quality, nothing can beat the Homestead. When you order a porterhouse for two, a prodigious steak arrives, as thick as a fat book and twice as heavy.” – NY Times

“The restaurant maintains its strong relationships with their butchers, allowing them to get their first pick of beef. Nothing but prime dry aged meat – always has been and always will be.” – NY Daily News

“Any way you carve it, this place stands the test of time.” – Time Out New York